English SMS

One of the reasons why

people hold on to memories so tight,

is because memories are the only thing

that dont change when everyone else does.

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Live the day with a light heart.

Let all your worries be swept aside.

Smile a moment n thank God,

for this day He cares for you all the way.

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Golden quote by Abraham Lincoln:

“If friendship is your weakest point

then you are the strongest person

in the world.”

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Lite can replace Sun

Parents can replace God

Daughter can replace Son

Bt nthing in d World can replace U


No guarnti

No replacmnt

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Hugging ur beloved tightly realizes

u hav som1 so close 2 u who makes u feel warm n cozy

Tighter he holds means

He’s more protective 2 u n dnt wana share u.

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The day I met you,

You took my breath away,

I might not get to heaven

But that’s ok,

cuz I walked with one of his angels that day.

===== English SMS =====

1 of the best message 4 mankind:-

“There is no market

4 UR sorrows.


Never advertise



REAL or FAKE,always Smile.